25 Best Diwali Sweet Recipes :Try at Home:

25 Diwali Sweet Recipes

Diwali  Is The Festival Of Light, Festivity And Celebration. No Celebration Or Festival Is Complete Without Sweets. During This Auspicious Occasion  let’s Make Sweets At Home Share It With Your Family, Friends And Loved Ones. This Year Diwali Is On 30th Oct, 2016.

In India, Diwali celebration is not limited to own house, we alos celebrated Diwali With Neighbors And Friends by sharing sweets and wishes with theam. I
Mostly, So Much Sweets And Snacks Are Made During Diwali That It Is Difficult To Eat Everything. So please don’t waste and spoli at home, Keep Donating these sweets to the poor or beggers . They also celebarte diwali on their behalf. Its A Good Time To Start Anything New Or Positive In Life, Donate Your Old Clothes To Poor People Or Make Any Kind Of Donation. On This Note, Lets Start The Day With Some Sweets.

diwali sweets

Top 25 Diwali Sweets Receipts

Diwali Sweets Recipes

  • Rasgulla – Soft And Spongy Milk Based Sweet Soaked In Sugar Syrup. One Of The Most Popular Indian Sweet.
  • Gulab Jamun – Made With Milk Powder. You Can Also Check This Easy Gulab Jamun Recipe Made With Khoya.
  • Kala Jamun – Easy Jamun Made With Khoya And Paneer.
  • Sookha Gulab Jamun – Dry Gulab Jamuns Made With Khoya (Evaporated Milk Solids) And Paneer.
  • Kalakand – Moist, Granular Two Ingredient Kalakand Recipe In 15 Minutes. Made With Paneer And Sweetened Condensed Milk.
  • Shahi Tukra – Rich, Royal Mughali Dessert Of Fried Sugar Syrup Coated Bread Topped And Soaked With Fragrant Creamy Sweet Thickened Milk Or Rabri And Garnished With Dry Fruits.

diwali sweets

  • Malpua – Popular Indian Sweet Of Fried Fluffy Pancakes Dipped In Sugar Syrup And Served With Rabdi Or Sweetened Thickened Milk.
  • Rabri – A Traditional Indian Sweet Of Thickened Sweetened Milk With Layers Of Cream. Also Known As Lachha Rabri In Hindi.
  • Rasmalai – Cottage Cheese Balls Soaked In Thickened, Sweetened And Flavored Milk. A Popular Indian Sweet.
  • Basundi – Quick And Easy Recipe Of Sweet Thicknened Milk Flavored With Cardamom And Dry Fruits.
  • Sandesh – Easy Bengali Sweet Recipe Made With Cottage Cheese.
diwali sweets

  • Chocolate Sandesh – Chocolate Based Variation Of The Popular Cottage Cheese Sweet Fudge From Bengal
  • Nankhatai – Popular Sweet Cum Snack Recipe. Indian Shortbread Cookies Or Biscuits.
  • Quick Barfi – Really Easy And Quick Basic Recipe Of Barfi Made With Khoya Or Mawa. This Basic Barfi Recipe Can Be Adapted To Make Different Kinds Of Barfi With Various Flavors. Eg Adding Cocoa Powder Will Give You Chocolate Barfi
  • Coconut Barfi – An Easy Step By Step Recipe Of Coconut Barfi Made With Condensed Milk.
  • Paneer Barfi – Quick And Easy Cottage Cheese Kheer For The Festive Season. Ready In Less Than 25 Minutes.
  • Dry Fruits Barfi – Easy Method And Recipe Of Dry Fruit Barfi. No Sugar Added.
diwali sweets

  • Kesar Burfi – Vegan Sweet Recipe
  • Apple Gujiya – North Indian Sweet Cum Snack Recipe.
  • Karanji – Crisp Flaky Fried Pastry Stuffed With Desiccated Coconut And Dry Fruits.
  • Shakkar Pare – North Indian Sweet Of Crisp, Flaky Fried Flour Crispies Coated With Sugar Syrup.
  • Jaggery Rice – Punjabi Sweet Rice Recipe
  • Puran Poli – Sweet Flat Bread Stuffed With Sweet Lentil Stuffing.
  • Milk Pedas Or Doodh Pedas – Super Quick And Easy Sweet Recipe
  • Punjabi Puda/Poora – Easy Punjabi Sweet Dish
  • Panjiri – A Traditional Punjabi Sweet Made With Whole Wheat Flour/Atta.
  • Piyush – Thick, Creamy Sweet Beverage Made With Shrikhand, Yogurt And Milk. Summer Cooling Drink.
  • Eggless Chocolate Mousse – Creamy And Smooth Chocolate Mousse
  • Amaranth Yogurt Parfait – Healthy And Nutritious Parfait Made With Popped Amaranth, Yogurt, Honey, Fruits & Dryfruits.
  • Coconut Ladoo – Very Easy And Quick Ladoo Recipe. You Can Also Check The Recipe Of Coconut Ladoo Made With Condensed Milk.

  • Besan Ladoo – Popular Ladoos Made From Roasted Gram Flour. Quick And Healthy Sweet.
  • Boondi Laddu – Popular Indian Sweet Made From Gram Flour Batter.
  • Motichor Laddu – Melt In The Mouth Ladoos Made From Gram Flour.
  • Dry Fruits Ladoo – Very Easy, Quick And Healthy Ladoos.
  • Sabudana Ladoo – Made From Tapioca Pearls.
  • Maladu Or Maa Ladoo –  Quick Ladoos Made From Roasted Chana Dal. Ideal For Diwali Festival. Under 15 Minute Sweet Recipe.
  • Malai Laddu – Two Ingredient Easy Paneer Ladoo Recipe.
  • Phirni – A Classic Creamy Sweet Pudding Made With Powdered Rice, Milk, Almonds, Saffron And Cardamom.
  • Rice Kheer – Popular North Indian Dessert Made With Basmati Rice, Milk, Nuts And Saffron.
diwali sweets

  • Sheer Khurma – A Rich Sweet Dessert Made With Vermicelli, Milk, Dates, Dry Fruits And Ghee.
  • Paneer Kheer – One Easy Recipe Of Soft Sweet Fudge Made With Cottage Cheese (Paneer), Condensed Milk And Cream.
  • Seviyan Kheer – Vermicelli Kheer Is Often Served During Festival Or Any Occasion Of Celebration.
  • Sooji Kheer – A Quick And Easy Kheer Made With Semolina/Rava.
  • Orange Kheer – A Rare Kheer Recipe.
  • Carrot Payasam – Creamy And Smooth Payasam Made With Carrots, Jaggery And Coconut Milk.



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