Top 10 Must Have Diwali Crackers:3D Fireworks & Crackers

Top 10 Must Have Diwali Crackers: 3D Fireworks & Crackers

Guys Diwali celebration is  not complete with crackers. This day main part of shopping is diwali crackers and sweets.Every one's love crackers but we have to take care of little children. We have made a complete list of crackers what you have purchase on diwali or what not.

diwali crakers
diwali crakers

diwali crakers

List of Diwali Fireworks & Crackers You Must Buy

The most popular Diwali fireworks & crackers you must buy. Here is a list of Diwali crackers you must have on Diwali night. Where to buy Diwali fireworks. Best fireworks & crackers shops in Delhi. Buy Diwali fireworks for best price in New Delhi

  • 3D Fireworks & Crackers

Add a new dimension to your Diwali patakhas with 3D Diwali fireworks and crackers. The 3D Crackers are available in India for the first time ever.A packet of 3D fireworks comes with a 3D glass. There are more than 20 varieties of 3D crackers available in the Indian market, such as flower pots (anars), Roman candles, sparklers (phuljhari) and aerial shells or comets (aakash tara or aakash ganga).The 3D crackers are environment friendly as they don’t produce any kind of sound and are pollution-free. The cost of 3D cracker starts from Rs 500 up to 1,900.

  • Electric Firecrackers

How about Electric patakhas this Diwali. Yes, you can buy Electric Fireworks & Crackers and celebrate electrifying Diwali this season. The electric crackers produce loud sound and are pollution-free. The best part, the electric Diwali firecrackers can be reused unlimited number of times. Electric firecrackers consists of an electronic circuit which produces a high decibel sound when turned on.

The Traditional Diwali Patakhas

No matter what you think, the traditional Diwali patakhas are always the top priority. There are various types of Diwali firecrackers which Indian people burst to celebrate Diwali “The festival of light.”

diwali crakers

Below are the various types of crackers that one must buy, if you are planning to celebrate Diwali with a Bang.


Anar or flower pots or fountains are the most popular Diwali firecrackers. Anars are known for their sparkling display and showers of coloured sparks upwards. There are various types of Anars depending upon the colour and height of sparks.

Various types of Anars found in market are:

  • Flower Pots Big
  • Crackling King
  • The Great Splendour
  • Mini Fountain Red
  • Mini Fountain Gold
  • Tower Pots

Chakra or Charkha or Ground Spinner

The ground spinner (charkhi or charkha) is favorite among kids. This circular spinning fireworks shoots out colouful sparks and flames. The Charka comes in various sizes and types. For example, you can buy an ordinary ground charkha or the big red and green charkha.

Various types of Charkhas:

  • Zamin Chakkars Normal
  • Zamin Chakkars Big
  • Red & Green Chakkars
  • Sparklers or Phuljhari

The most popular Diwali fireworks of all time. Almost every Indian has moved the phuljhari in the darkness of the evening to create dazzling shapes.  The sparklers, commonly known as phuljhari is a small handheld metal stick coated with chemical solution (gun powder and sparklers), which emits colourful sparks.

Various types of Phuljharis:

  • Gold Sparklers
  • Crackling Sparklers
  • Multi Color Sparklers
  • Whistle Sparklers
  • Colour Change Sparklers

Rockets and Akash Ganga

Rockets have always been associated with the Diwali celebrations. They reach up in the sky and they blast up. Few Rockets also eject different kinds of sparkling effects. The other variant of Rocket, the Akash Ganga or Akash Tara is the most sparkling form of Rockets. These are also known as Comets or Parachutes. These Akash Tara or Parachutes launches a canister high into the air, which bursts into one or two parachutes. There are multiple shot Akash Taras which releases more than 100 colored parachutes, which gives an image of Akahs Ganga (Milky Way Galaxy). These are also the costliest Diwali firecrackers.

diwali crakers

The most famous Comets or Akash Tara (Akash Ganga) are:

  • Flashing Diamonds
  • Star Fire Red
  • Cluster of Stars
  • Super Star Crackling & Silver Rain
  • Super Star Blue & White
  • Red Coral (single)
  • Green Coral (single)
  • Crackling Sound
  • Bombs or Sounding Crackers or Gralands or Ladis

Famous for high sounds similar to Bombs, these firecrackers are the most evil among all. The Garland or Bidi Bomb is a string of firecracker fused together, which produce a continues sound effect for the long duration.

diwali crakers

You can buy garlands of 10 piece up to 10,00 piece, based on the number of firecrackers fused together.

These are the most loved Diwali crackers in Bharat.



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